Config utility after test_hid

okay, so now what? i uploaded the test_hid app from the sdk onto one of my two wixels. now the wixel config utility won’t recognize the wixel. when i plug in the wixel in, my windows device manager recognizes all the hids that have been attached. the wixels new role seems to interfere with it’s own identity. how do i force a different app onto the wixel now? i only uploaded the app onto one wixel. the other wixel still works fine.

Never tried the hid stuff but I hung my wixels a few times with some bad code. There is a way to short two pins, apply power and get back to the boot loader, it’s in the user guide, 5c. “disconnect the Wixel from any possible power sources, connect P2_2 to 3V3 using a wire, and then plug it into USB”. I used a paper clip (I was at work) and it worked fine.

Aha! That was the trick. Thanks martan.