Computer doesnt recognize pololu maestro 6 and 18

i have a pololu maestro 6 and 18 channel and my computer doesnt recognize either of them… it doesnt download the drivers when i plug them in… and i downloaded the the program thing, unzip it, look in the archive and choose setup.exe but it doesnt recognize the maestros!!! help!! i need this working by the end of this week!!

Hello. Windows will not automatically download the drivers when you plug the Maestro in. You need to download them from the Maestro User’s Guide. You said you ran setup.exe, but did the setup procedure work? Are you able to run the Maestro Control Center software now? Does the Maestro Control Center software recognize the Maestro? What are the three LEDs on the Maestro doing? Do you see any entries for the Maestro in your Device Manager? Be sure to check under Ports, Pololu USB Devices, and Other Devices. What version of Windows are you using?


I have already downloaded them. the procedure seemed to work but, the device manager shows no trace of the maestros. the control center comes up but no device is shown. it does not reckognize the maestros. the only leds that go off is the yellow one, it occasionally blinks in one second volleys. there are no entries for the maestro in the device manager, not under comport or anything. not a single thing is shown. PLEASE help and PLEASE answer, i need to program this robotic arm by saturday and i have finals to study for.

In case this is a problem with the USB connection, do you have another USB cable you can try? Also, trying it on different USB ports and on a different computer would be good. --David

I found in the zip when its unzipped that you run the maestro file not the setup one