Component advice

Hi all,

I am an industrial design student in Australia trying to flesh out a concept but its taking me to places I don’t have much knowledge in.

I am looking for a small (under 50 mm), lightweight electronic component that is capable of pushing or pulling with a high degree of torque/ strength (to resist the pull or push of a spring) and then possibly releasing the springs. It could by like a linear actuator type things, a motor or whatever.

Sorry if this is too vague, but I am not that familiar with electronics or robotics but any info or a point in the right direction would be appreciated.


Sorry I put it in the wrong thread, but I can’t move it.


I’m not sure exactly what you are trying to achieve. Do you have any pictures or drawings of what you are doing? What dimensions does it need to be under 55mm in?

We sell quite a few servos that are smaller than 50 mm in all dimensions. Take a look at our servo comparison table.

- Ryan

Sure. My bad. that was pretty vague.

Basically what I am trying to achieve is something that can sustain a jumping action, and possibly varying the jump height. Like how on a pogo-stick or trampoline you must press down with your weight at the right time to jump back up to reach or sustain the desired amplitude. So there is the energy from the trampoline’s (passive?) springs plus the energy from the person’s (active?) legs.

This device (no bigger than a Basketball) does not have to begin jumping from a stand-still. It would be dropped or pushed down to charge up the passive springs. I am only interested in the power and timing of the input required to sustain the jumping. There is probably a formula out there I have yet to find which would help.

All other variables such as weight, balance, timing are not an issue right now.

So I think I need a component that is high torque, quick and light-weight. Those servo’s you linked to seem to be possibilities, but I will have to do a little reading to understand what those specifications all mean.