Comparison of curricula in lower schools

Aloha –

Q: How does VEX curricula compare to curricula written from ground up in a particular educational system?

Background: I offered to donate a bucket full of AVRs, motor controllers, Tamiya chassis components to my local middle school, and received a skeptical response from school admins. They asked if these were “VEX”. I have not gotten a definitive response in re what I offered.

Q: Should I attempt to make the donation to the high school down the street?
Q: Does VEX lock schools into a non-compete agreement?

There was no sub-forum for “Robotics/ Electronics Education” so, “Robotics” it is.

Responses from folks familiar with VEX curricula/experience would be great. Thanks.

A hui hou,

If you have a Makerspace in your town, the members will usually be happy to accept donations of just about any sort of technical items or useful construction materials.

Thanks Jim! That was on my mind as well. Looking to support the neighborhood schools, always sending fund-driving things home with my kid.