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Compact metal gearmotors

Our first two custom-built compact metal gearmotors from China have arrived. The smaller one is similar to Sanyo’s 12-mm gearmotors, but we got them with longer output shafts. Combined with our Orangutan robot controller or micro dual serial motor controller, they are great for making small robots.

- Fang

100:1 Mini Metal Gearmotor

100:1 Micro Metal Gearmotor

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Wow, and Wow!

I love the little Sanyo (and Sanyo-like) gear motors, but it can be a PAIN to connect to their tiny little stumps of output shafts. I know they make some with longer knurled output shafts, but to me that actually makes it harder to precisely attach something like a small gear. These guys have some room for a macroscopic set-screw (or two!). Dare I ask if there might be long-shafted versions with other gear ratios in the works?

And the little cylindrical gearhead motor looks really nice. The first thing I end up doing with the Sanyos usually is making some sort of cover for the gearbox, but my attempts at vacuum-forming don’t come out looking anywhere near as good. Very cool!


P.S. And dimensioned drawings with mounting screw thread dimensions??? Now you’re just spoiling me!

P.P.S. When I click to get a bigger picture of the Mini the popup window says 30:1, these are both 100:1, right?

Adam, thanks for catching that mistake. We actually had two different lower gear ratio motors made and they are on their way. You will see them on Pololu webpage as soon as we receive them.


Cool! Any chance of stocking the mounting screws for these guys as well? I think I would rather buy a ten pack separately than have 2 included since I’m sure I would loose at least one.


Our lower gear ratio gearmotors have arrived! Mounting screws are on their way!
24:1 Mini Metal Gearmotor

28:1 Micro Metal Gearmotor