Communication / Interfacing 3pi Bot with Firefly 2.2 Node

Hi All,
I saw an old question regarding the same topic, but my question is rather more basic. I want to communicate between a firefly node and a 3pi bot serially. Can anyone help me with the basic connections between the firefly and the 3pi? I am planning to use Pin PD1 on the 3pi bot and the UART 0 on the firefly.
Any help would be appreciated


I don’t have any experience with the firefly. I know I could probably google for information, but it would be easier if you could link me to some relevant documentation that would help me answer your question.

- Ben

This link gives an overview of the Firefly

The data sheet for the firefly is … NJl1_KanMg

All the information and documentation about the the RTOS which runs on the FireFly is available at

To add to my earlier question, I am trying to make the Firefly (WSN) node talk to the 3pi so that my 3pi will receive the instructions from the firefly. So in essence I only need one way serial comm.

Thanks for your help!

It looks like the Firefly is also based on an AVR, so you should just be able to connect the one of the Firefly’s serial transmit lines (e.g. UART0_TX, which is shown on page 6 of the Firefly datasheet) to the 3pi’s serial receive line, PD0 (not PD1). Note that the Firefly uses 3.3V logic while the 3pi uses 5V logic, so you will need to use a level shifter (such as a voltage divider) if you want to to have the 3pi send information back to the Firefly (i.e. you don’t want to connect the 3pi’s 5V serial output directly to your Firefly’s 3.3V serial input).

- Ben

Thanks for the quick response.
I will try it out and post my status!