Communicating to Orangutan X2 via WiFI

Hi all,

I appologize if this is an easy question, but my internet searching didn’t really give me a good enough answer or starting point to figure it out.

I’m looking to talk to the Orangutan X2 via wifi. Is it possible to mount a wifi shield onto the board or a way to connect an arduino board to the x2 board for serial communication?

Ultimately I’m looking to be able to create a way to talk to the X2 via wifi.


If a Wi-Fi module has a TTL serial interface, you can connect it directly to the X2’s UART. Arduino shields cannot be mounted onto the X2, but the right wiring connections might work. Yes, you can communicate between the X2 and an Arduino via serial.


Awesome! Appreciate the response.

Hi Jason,

could you please tell me which Arduino WiFi shield are you using and if you got it working ? I am thinking the same, but using a Orangutan SVP-1284 and Sparkfun WiFly.

Thank you