Common components resistors, transistors and such

Basically what it states.
The website only offers 1 capacitor type. And it’s not very easy to find.

10k resistors. Almost every DIY guide to making various devices, used 10kohm resistors.
So selling packs of 10pc, 10k resistors might be good.
Mixed packs are also good.

Transistors, Just some mixed packs, mixed NPN and PNP transistors. 2N2222’s are good too.

0.1uF ceramic disk capacitors. You can use between 1 and 3 on your DC motors and it’ll cut down interference by a massive amount. Just state how they can help with that, and show an example of their usage.

1N4148 diodes, can never have enough.

5volt 1A - 3A voltage regulators. This site carries boost regulators to go from lower voltages up to 5volts, but not the other way around. I need regulators that will drop voltages from higher ones. Especially since we are more likely to damage our components if the voltages are to high, rather than to low.
8volt 1A-3A regulators same as above. or 9volt, but 8volt happens to be what I need. But 9 would work too.
12volt 3A+ Regulators.
With power voltages being so important, it’s kind of odd that we don’t see more regulators for sale.

Edit: cleaned out some babble.