Commanding X2 directly from PC

I wonder if its possible to run program locally in PC and call funcions like set_motors() from computer to steer X2 directly in real time.


I haven’t tried to use this with an X2, but our serial slave program for the 3pi might be what you are looking for. You still need a way to get the serial commands from the computer to your robot. If your robot is untethered, you could consider using some Wixels for a wireless serial link.

- Ryan

ok, but i think its only for simple commands, i want to use motors, read gps coords from serial, read compass from another serial, and control 2 servos, maybe read from range finder, so i dont know how to command it from netbook, which will be on the robot.

EDIT: so, now i know it isnt possible and i decided to write my own usb serial port interface, it isnt so difficult and goes pretty well.