Coding for A-STAR 32U4 with TIC 36V4

I am trying to run stepper motor connected to astar32u4 through tic36v4 board.
I have put through the wire accordingly, please advise if i am wrong.

Tic board 5V (out) + GND goes to astar Vin + GND
Tic board TX goes to astar 0 (RXD1)
Tic board RX goes to aster 1 (TXD1)

After that i put the code from source Arduino library>examples>motors
LED are work but the motor not.
I have double check motor wire diagram and they are all correct.
I am trying to run the motor with just switch on/off.
Please advise.


It sounds like you are trying to use the AStar32U4Motors class for the AStar32U4 library; please note that the AStar32U4Motors class is intended to be used for controlling the built-in motor drivers on the A-Star 32U4 Robot Controllers. For controlling the Tic, you should be using our Tic Stepper Motor Controller library for Arduino. In particular, you should try using the SerialPositionControl or SerialSpeedControl example since it sounds like you are intending to use the TTL serial interface.