Code organization

I wonder if there is a simple way to better organize my code to wixel with eclipse. I have created my applications in the apps folder, but it’s getting difficult to manage.

I wish could work with the following structure:

apps/projects -> root folder
apps/projects/myapp1 -> application folder
apps/projects/myapp2 -> application folder
apps/projects/include -> my include files
apps/projects/src -> my source code

or something like that.

The point is I wish to have a separate environment for my code.

I know this is solved with mk files, but my knowledge about mk files is very limited and from what I understand is not small thing master the features of make.
So, any help is welcome.



That would be possible to do if you were familiar with Makefiles. Instead, I suggest that you stick to the structure of the Wixel SDK. You can have different copies of the Wixel SDK for unrelated projects you are doing. You can create libraries for any of the code that is shared among your different apps. You can delete libraries and apps that you aren’t planning on using.

I have considered writing a Makefile for people that allows them to put an app in a separate folder. Each app would just have its own Makefile and you would have to go into that directory to compile the app, and it would only compile that one app. However, the “src” and “include” folders make it sound like you want something more complicated.