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goto main_loop sub button 0 get_position 500 less_than return sub wait_for_button wait_for_button_closed_10ms return sub wait_for_button_press_10ms get_ms begin button if drop get_ms else get_ms over minus 10 greater_than if drop return endif endif repeat sub wait_for_button_closed_10ms get_ms begin button if get_ms over minus 10 greater_than if drop return endif else drop get_ms endif repeat main_loop: begin 4460 1 servo # first/ starting postion for 1st servo 7616 1 servo # second postion for 1st servo after button press 2000 2 servo # first/ starting for leds 7000 2 servo # second postion for leds after button press repeat sub frame wait_for_button 1 servo 2 servo wait_for_button_press_10ms return

this is the code i am running on my mini maestro channel servo controller. im am trying to get it where my servo is in one postion and the leds are off. then press a button and the servo goes to postion two and my leds turn off.
as soon as i run the script my servo starts to go haywire. any help?

sorry correction. where servo 1 is in position one and leds (servo 2) are on and then button is pressed and servo 1 is to position 2 and leds ( servo 2) are off.


It looks like you have everything in place to do button debouncing using the wait_for_button subroutine, but you are never calling it from your main loop. In the beginning of your script, it jumps to the main_loop label and enters a BEGIN. . .REPEAT infinite loop that moves your servo back and forth. However, it looks like you have the frame subroutine set up to handle the button presses. You might try editing your BEGIN. . .REPEAT loop to call the frame subroutine instead of setting the servo positions directly, which might look something like this:


  2000  #first position LED control
  4460  #first position servo position

  7000  #second position for LEDs
  7616 #second position for servo


Please note that since the frame subroutine calls 1 servo before 2 servo, I switched the order of the servo and LED positions on the stack in the main loop. This makes it so the top number on the stack (which is the last value put on the stack) going into the subroutine will be the servo position (which is the first one used in the subroutine).

If you try modifying your script and continue having problems, could you post your updated script?


that works thanks so much :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: