CNC prototype

1st of all: can anybody read the registration code? I got lucky eventually…
Ok … with that out the way.
Here is my CNC prototype:

  • FEZ Panda (I think this is a great board. Besides C# you can actually run native code as well)
  • stepper motors (Pololu item #: 1200)
  • stepper drivers (Pololu item #: 1202)
  • bluethooth to serial for communication to PC
  • ATX power supply
  • custom CAD CAM. I call it RedDot (orange lines are cutting paths)

Sorry the pictures aren’t better quality.


That is a very cool project, thank you for sharing it with us.

Did you write your own firmware for the FEZ Panda?


Yes I did.
It is made of 2 parts:

  1. C# takes care of communication with PC (handshake, break donw commands to PPS)
  2. C code a.k.a pulse generator (just generates pulses on X, Y, Z for a given frequency; it is simulated in code since all PWMs use the same clock on a FEZ)

The server (PC) and the FEZ ‘politely’ wait for a ‘ready’ signal after the initial handshake in order to avoid ‘buffer overruns’.