Cmd line error with wixel-sdk "make_all" fails - Windows 7

I am brand new to the Wixel, but what I see so far really impresses me. Please forgive me for any “newbie” posting errors.

I am trying to start the Wixel programming learning curve with the command “make” or “make-all” in the wixel-sdk directory. I get the following message and I am stumped. I thought it would make all the apps in the downloaded files.


It looks like your question is same as another post on this forum. You might want to refer to this to help fix your problem.


sdcc is located in the “program files” of my C:\ drive, and I see SDCC listed as a program in my START menu, but I still cannot get my “make-all” to work anywhere. When I type in “sdcc” in the bin file (in my command prompt), it does generate a long list of commands that are available, but noting more. I appreciate your help in this.

Could you try running “where make” in the cmd prompt and post the output?