Clock Crystal On Orangutang Controller

Received my Oranguatang Controller. Nice little package!

Two questions about the crystal.

The schematic looks like the crystal and capacitors are unpopulated. When I look
at the board, I see pads where the
crystal should go. It does look however
like the capacitors ARE on the board.
I am not sure however since the only mark
on the device looks like a “0”.

Assuming those are the capacitors, what
is their value?

Also, what is the package type of the
crystal to match the pads. None of the
SMD crystals I have fit?




The footprint is for a resonator with built-in capacitors, such as part number X931CT-ND from Digi-Key. There are several manufacturers that have the same package in various frequencies.

The components you are mistaking for capacitors are zero-ohm resistors (thus the ‘0’), which connect those lines to the user I/O connections. If you have through-hole crystals, you could try making the connectiont at the user I/O connector along the bottom of the board. If you do install the surface-mounted resonator, you might need to remove the resistors so the rest of the traces and connectors don’t change your capacitance too much.

- Jan