Cleanest way to joint two micro servos

Hi, I want to drive two micro servos DMS44 with the Micro Maestro 6 to rotate a plastic bar around the Z and X axis at the same time. One servo will be mounted onto the plate and the rotor will be free to rotate on the horizontal surface. The second servo will be jointed to the first servo and its rotor will be rotating on the vertical surface.

I have one pololu plate, the two servos DMS44, their horns and screws.

The question is what other material (screws, standoffs,etc…) do I need to:

  • fix the first motor to the pololu plate
  • joint the second servos to the first servos in a “clean way”. E.g. should I use the horns?

Links to the right material would be much appreciated.


It sounds like you are referring to the Power HD High-Speed Digital Micro Servo DSM44, and you are trying to use them to make a pan and tilt. Unfortunately, we do not have any specific recommendations for mounting the servo in your project, as that is something that will be specific to your project. Using a servo horn will probably be helpful though, since they are made to fit the servo spline on that servo. You might take a look at Servo City; they carry some hardware and pan and tilt stuff you might find helpful.