I have got a chr um6 imu sensor and I am trying to use it for obtaining euler angles, when im trying to do that I can receive the euler angle datas with no problem about the communication but it sends me wrongly scaled angles, what im trying to tell you is I can obtain correct angles from the redshift serial interface but when im trying to use it in matlab it gives me for example -35 to +35 degrees measurement when it should give me -90 to +90.

When I rotate my sensor for example 80 degrees of roll, it gives me around 28 32 degrees of measurement when it should be around 80.

Theres no problem with the scaling rate of the sensor, it increases relatively to my rotation movement but as I expressed above totally its wrong.

Thank you for your helps.

But for somebody who faces with the same problem; First you need to read the whole datasheet again like me, the measured values has to be multiplied with a constant for every euler angle measurement. You can find that constant in the sensors datasheet euler angle registers section.
After multiplying the measurement with that constant value, the angles are obtained almost perfect.

Have a good day all.

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