CHR-UM6 r2 : Am I using the right version of the firmware?

Hello everyone,

I recently got my UM6 r2 and started configuring it. Since I also have an old UM6 , I thought I would be done with the configuration easily.

I downloaded the latest version of the firmware (UM2C) and program the UM6 r2 with it, but I couldn’t get any readings at all.

The interesting thing here is that when I used the same version of the firmware in the old UM6 and it worked correctly.

It is clearly stated in the page of the new product that these two different versions do not use the same firmware.

So either the firmware version is wrong or the device is damaged unless I’m making a silly mistake.

Could you help me, please? I need information about the firmware versions. Which one supports which?


I am sorry you are having problems using your UM6. The UM6 r2 should have come with the latest firmware. Also, the firmware for the r2 is not compatible with the previous UM6. If you updated the UM6 r2 with firmware meant for the previous model, it is probably the cause of the problem, and you should contact the manufacturer, CH Robotics, directly for additional assistance.

- Jeremy

Firmware was not installed when I first got the device and I have already contacted CH Robotics, but they haven’t replied me yet.

I will wait for their reply then. Thanks for the warning anyways.

The most recent version of the firmware is UM3A, not UM2C. The UM6r2 requires firmware revision UM3A to function properly.

That is correct but I couldn’t have found that information anywhere. Thankfully the folks at CHR contacted me and sent me the correct firmware.

I am wondering did you solve this problem? I am having the same problem with my um6 r2, I download firmware for um6 and now I can communicate with him but he is not giving any data. I wrote to CH Robotics but they didn’t reply to me yet. If somebody have UM3A version of firmware to share I would be grateful!

Hello, Georgina.

RedShift Labs has taken over the manufacturing and support for CH Robotics’ products. We know they specifically handle the UM7, but we are not sure if they provide support for the older UM6 that you have. I recommend contacting them directly to find out.