Choosing an RC Switch

One of my favorite hobbies is hobby grade radio control cars and trucks. I want to create an inline switch that plugs into the receiver (6.0V supply from the battery) and the output side will be a few LED lights. I want to be able to toggle the LED lights on and off from my transmitter. Which of your RC switches would best fit this requirement? Thank you!


You can probably use our RC Switch with Small Low-Side MOSFET as long as the combined current draw of your LEDs is below about 3A. If you expect the current draw to be higher than that, can you tell me more about what that draw is so I can look at other options?


Thank you for the response! I was also thinking that switch would work, but saw it was only rated for 5.5V and not a full 6.0V. Do you still think it would be fine for my use?

I think the amp draw will be less than 1A. I did some research and found articles such as this that seem to confirm my suspicion.

Anybody have more input?

Sorry for the delayed response; I missed your post somehow. You should definitely not power VCC with 6V. You might consider using a regulator like this one to power VCC from your 6V supply and still use that RC switch.

Alternatively, you could use our RC Switch with Medium Low-Side MOSFET which has a built in regulator and can handle up to 16V.


No worries. Thank you for the response!