Charging a battery pack

I want to know more about how to charge this battery pack:

It has a 2-pin connector (JR) that is not easy to find in the average battery chargers I can find for hobby electronics. Also the 900mAh is lower than the stated use for most of the chargers I can find. Typically a minimum is around 1300mAh.

I gather that a slow (10-14 hr) charge should be at about 90mA for this pack, yet most chargers seem to be set at either 900mA or 1.8A.

Does anyone have this battery pack? What do you use to charge it?

I’ve found these that I think might work. Opinions?

They seem nearly identical… And neither matches this battery pack spec.

Hello, karlexceed.

We just started selling a battery charger that is capable of charging all the batteries and battery packs that we currently carry! You can find it here and in the Related Products list in the column on the right-hand side of our batteries’ product pages.



That’s just what I was looking for. I could’ve sworn I looked everywhere on the site too!

Heh, so I just got the battery pack too - now I have to hurry up and wait. I have no way to charge it until I can order one of those. From now on, I swear I’ll make just one bulk order per project! :unamused: