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Charger/power supply board

Does Pololu have any plans to develop a battery charger/regulator board in the future? I have had a difficult time finding any single product that would accomplish the following:

Provide constant DC power supply (something around 6 VDC)
Switch between wall power and battery power
Provide battery charge analog output
Provide over-current protection
Some flexibility on the number of batteries in series or parallel

Is there any single product that might meet my needs or do I need a completely custom solution with custom boards?


I apologize for the delayed reply. There are a number of products out there that are similar to what you are looking for, though most of the ones I’m seeing seem to be 5V out. Can you tell me more about your application? What kind of batteries would you want to see supported, and how much output current would you be looking for?

- Ben

Thanks for replying. I’m not set on any particular type of battery size though 18650 would be fine. I would use a voltage divider to get to my desired voltage. Basically, I have a 25D metal gearmotor (Pololu Item #4806) running from a MC33926 motor driver board (#1212), a raspberry pi, touch screen and a MSP430FR2311 MCU which is 3.3 volts. I will need a couple of voltage dividers to make everything work but want a supply that will run the motor which is 6 VDC. The motor isn’t going to be running constantly, only intermittently. Output current max would probably be about 1A. Do you know of any product that might fit my needs?

I apologize again for yet another delayed reply to this. I am not following how you intend to make things work with voltage dividers. Can you clarify?

- Ben