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Charge LiPo through Mini Pushbutton Power Switch LV

is it possible to charge through a Mini Pushbutton Power Switch with Reverse Voltage Protection, LV in “wrong” direction?

I would like to put the Power Switch between a lipo and the integrated charging circuit of my esp32 board (lolin32).

My esp32 board will be powered by the lipo through the power switch (current direction Vin to Vout). I like to use the power switch to power off the esp32 board (disconnect battery via software). Is it possible to charge the battery from the integrated charger of my esp32 board through the switch (current direction: Vout to Vin)? Will the switch block the charging current (in on state / in off state) or will be damaged if used in wrong direction?

Thank you in advance for your help.


Hi, Honu.

It should be possible to charge the LiPo through the Mini Pushbutton Power Switch LV, and I do not expect that to cause any damage to the switch. The switch does not prevent current from flowing from VOUT to VIN while the switch is on. It will stop current flow in either direction when the switch is off. One thing to note is that the switch requires the voltage on VIN to be at least 2.2V to operate, though that should not be a concern for a LiPo battery.


Hi Claire,
thank you for your fast response.