Characters as series of holes

There is a solar eclipse coming up on July 11th and we often try to punch a series of holes in an opaque sheet to spell out a simple message that will be projected on the ground underneath the sheet.

Laser cutting might do a much cleaner job. I’m thinking of an opaque sheet - 1/8" ABS? - around 8 x 10 inches (not critical) with a short message spelled out with characters that are composed of a series of dots. If the characters are 2 inches tall maybe the dots are about 1/8" diameter.

I looked for a font that would produce a suitable file, but didn’t find anything.

So, any ideas on how to generate this without tediouly laying down the dots one by one?


I can’t really help you with an automated approach, but is laying out the dots yourself that tedious? Even if you need all 26 letters, it seems like you could have them drawn in less than an hour, and then you can group them and copy and paste them to spell out your message.

- Jan