Changing the code to follow a WHITE line instead of Black in the LineFollower code?

Im trying to change the ‘LineFollower’ code in Arduino UNO for the Zumo Shield Robot v1.2.

I tried changing reflectanceSensors.readLine(sensors); to reflectanceSensors.readLine(lineSensorValues, QTR_EMITTERS_ON, 1);

But it shows an error as shown below:
‘lineSensorValues’ was not declared in this scope.

How do I correct this error?


The LineFollower.ino demo in the Zuno shield Arduino library does not have a variable named lineSensorValues; if you have not modified anything else in that example, you should use sensors instead. (i.e. int position = reflectanceSensors.readLine(sensors, QTR_EMITTERS_ON, 1);).


Thank you so much Brandon. The error is rectified now.