Changing output on D24V25F5 (or D24V22F12) to 7.5 V

I have both D24V25F5 (5V 2.5A) and D24V22F12 (12V 2.2A) voltage regulators and need urgently something with 7.4 V output (7.5 would be also fine).
Do you know if I can modify either of them to get 7.4/7.5 output? I guess I would need to replace 1 or 2 resistors but which one and to what value?


You could reduce the voltage of your 12V D24V22F12 regulator to 5V by replacing one or two of the resistors on it, R3 and R4.

The 12V version of the board uses R3 = 47k and R4 = 3.32k and the 7.5V version uses R3 = 41.2k and R4 = 4.87k, but you could use different resistors of similar values that fit the following equation:

R4 = R3 / ((Vout / 0.792) - 1)