Change Channels under apps control?

I have been looking for a way to assign a channel number [like 128 or 64] inside an app. I have four wixels,
all using the serial wireless app, by default two are using channel 128…Need to have other one use channel 64.
I have found:
IN radio_link.c LINE114 FIND CHANNR = param_radio_channel;
IN radio_link.c LINE20 FIND: int32 CODE param_radio_channel = 128;

but cannot get the wireless-serial app to compile, without errors…when i remove above and place inside of app.

Any help greatly appreciated.

Hi Richard,

If you show us your actual code and the error messages, we can help you fix it. But are you sure you need to do that? The point of the param_* variables is that you can configure them after compiling, using the Wixel Configuration Utility. Is there a reason this is not an option for you?


Hello Jim,
I’m looking into the same issue right now; did you find a solution to your question on changing transmission freq/channel under app control?
Might you be willing to share your code for getting started on this kind of one-to-many wixel communication?



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