Chaining pushbuttons?

I have a single LV pushbutton and two HP pushbuttons in my project. But I want a single momentary push button that will turn them all on/off. Is this possible? I’ve tried connecting the push putton to the momentary pins on the LV and HP, and it seems there is some voltage leaking (the LV is controlling 5v, the HPs are controlling 24v).


Hi, Mark.

The B side of the button connects to VOUT, so you should not use the same button for power switches connected to different supplies. Instead, you could try connecting the output of the 5V switch to the CTRL pin of the other two switches. However, for that scheme to work, the output of the 5V switch will need to have a load that pulls its voltage to ground when the switch is off.


Claire, thanks for the reply. I wired it up as you suggested with a pull down resistor on the CTRL line, and it works perfectly.