Car battery powered LiPo charger via Power Switch

Wish to reduce spikes to electronics when connecting car battery to LiPo charger and cheapest way would be to introduce a "Big Pushbutton HP Power Switch " #2813 to bridge the LiPo charger to car battery as an ON OFF switch. Gator clips sometimes causes sparks , mechanical switch is bulky and this seems a better alternative. Also if someone was to disconnect and reconnect, there’s no chance of a goofy attempt to contend with when out in the field.
I use 1.3Ah or 1.5Ah LiPos charged at the normal 1C rate. 2C on occasions.
Would this work or is there an easier method?


That seems like it could work OK. It is unclear exactly what input amperage you need, but as long as your charger is reasonably efficient and isn’t stepping up the output voltage to the pack to several times the input voltage, it seems like you shouldn’t exceed the current the switch can deliver.


The charger from HobbyKing , like most stuff from china, never have manuals. but its rated as a 400W charger which means its more like a 2-300W lol. Theres little chance I will use it maxed out, 4 LiPos at there 1C charge rate is 1.5A each, may push it to 2C x4 batteries but knowing how the charger steps the charge is a guess at best.

I just had a llightbulb moment. What if I use the Power Switch to connect the charger then once that is humming, (no load just powered on), use a mechanical switch in parallel prior to connecting LiPos to take some load once charging starts.?

Our pushbutton power switch can provide up to 16A continuously, though you should be aware that it can get very hot while doing so. A 400W load would require about 33A from a 12V battery, but power draw of a battery charger like that depends the voltage and current it is outputting to the batteries (power is voltage times current) and the efficiency of the charger. You might use something like a multimeter to measure the current that your load (the charger) draws from the car battery when charging your LiPo batteries.

Whether a second switch is necessary or will help your system depends on your system, but it seems a little premature to think about that without taking some measurements to characterize your existing system.


Only bought the 400W version as it had dual outlets so can charge at 2 complete different settings at once and well within my max charge rate load of 120W. The Pololu switch is best for spike protection compared to mechanical, so when connecting the gator clips onto the car battery for the UNLOADED charger, Powering On, and when that is done, flipping a mechanical switch which is in parallel with the Pololu, will spread the load when charging happens. This is what I am thinking. Could even turn off the Pololu then. no?.

btw, I Never push chinese electronic unless you want the free fireworks hidden within to turn on.

The switch might not behave as expected if there is a voltage source connected to the output like the second switch you mentioned. I tested a switch here with another voltage source connected to the output and the button would open the switch, but not close it again. We have not characterized that kind of operation extensively and the switch might behave differently at different voltages.