Cant program

i got a programmer

i made a 10 pin to 6 pin converter

then the programmer does not work with avr studio

i tried the software called sinaprog hex downloader with provided disc

but it is not programming

does 3pi turn on when i connect to programmer but without blue led and when it fails to program then it resets

Please help


Have you verified that your programmer and adapter work by programming some other AVR? To program the 3pi, you must have it turned on, in which case the blue LEDs should be on. If the LEDs go out when you attach the programmer or during programming, there is something very wrong with your programmer or adapter. Is that what is happening?

- Jan

if i turn o 3pi first then the light remain on, but if i connect programmer first then 3pi turn on without blue leds

i am using a usbasp programmer which dont have support of 328p
is that the reason or my 10 pin to 6 pin board is wrong ?

how can i program it with arduino becaus the guide show the atmega168

what should be change in line to be added to board.txt

i think the problem is that programeer is usbasp programmer

please see the powering isuue

do i stricltly need usb programmer can i use serial prgrammer

my usb programmer is providing power after building 10 pin to 6 pin converter ( only 3pi not blue led)
as said in previous post

Do i need avrisp programmer strictly

now i have removed the vtg pin to 6 pin of 3pi now it does not power by 3pi but still with sinaprog i cannot program the 3pi

there is no other software for usbasp that support atmega328 p

please suggest if u know any

The programmer keeping the 3pi from turning on sounds really bad, and you might be damaging the 3pi or programmer hardware. Also, if the programmer is known not to support the AVR you’re trying to program, it sounds like you should be looking for a different programmer (or bugging the manufacturer to update the programmer). You don’t have to have an AVRISP from Atmel, but it should be a programmer capable of programming the chip you’re using over the physical connection you have. It will also be more convenient if the programmer is supported by whatever development environment you’re using.

- Jan

have u checked the link above
please check my programmer

i think the trouble is wth programmer
i have disconnected the vdd coming from programmer so 3 pi dosent turn on now.

please check it and tell me

i have other alternatvies for programmer please have a look and suggest me one

again can i use serial programmer ?
can i compile in avrstudio and burn it by using other software,

one of thprogrammer from following list is a programmer with 5 pins
how these pins are setup … ammer.html … duct_id=67

please see and help me

What do you want me to look at? You said the programmer doesn’t support the AVR you’re using, so what do you expect me to find? I already addressed your other questions in my previous post: you need a programmer that you can connect to your computer, that can program the AVR you’re using over the connection you have (ATmega328P with the 6-pin ISP connection in the case of the 3pi), and that will work with your software. It’s possible to compile in one environment and to use another program for programming; it just might not be that convenient.

Regarding the other programmers, you should contact the respective manufacturers of those units.

- Jan


If you need help getting your programmer working, you really need to contact the manufacturer of your programmer for help. When programming the 3pi, you should not use a programmer that delivers power to the target device. You might consider using our AVR programmer.

- Ben

the problem is with programmer, even with provided sinaprog software which contains avrdude entry for 328 ( in . confg) file it even dosent recognize the programmer though the drivers are installed properly.

Can i use serial programmer ?

You have direct access to the ATmega328p AVR on the 3pi, so you can program the 3pi with anything capable of programming an ATmega328p.

in my programmer there is exchange of miso and mosi

but now right wheel zoom for moment programming fails
with error

avrdude: error: programm enable: target doesn’t answer. 1
avrdude: initialization failed, rc=-1
Double check connections and try again, or use -F to override
this check.

avrdude done. Thank you.

i think problem is with fuse bits , because the program sinaprog have a txt called fuse and in which there are fuse bits only for atmega 8 , 16 , 32

is my uc is damaged ?

when i try to program right motor moves a bit.

I live in india and i got it from sparkfun, can u replace it ?

some more info

First of all i HAVE to use sinaprog to load hex

in fuse.txt there are files for atmega 8 , 16 ,32 because board came with it was only to be used with those chips


[Int. 1 MHz d9e1
Int. 2 MHz d9e2
Int. 4 MHz d9e3
Int. 8 MHz d9e4
Ext. Crys. d9ff]

[Int. 1 MHz d9e1
Int. 2 MHz d9e2
Int. 4 MHz d9e3
Int. 8 MHz d9e4
Ext. Crys. d9ff]

please suggests similar to atmega 328p

Please help i am very much in trouble

If some one like ben can send his mail to chat that will be great

Every thing is working now
it was problem with vcc wire

But it is very slow, its take about 1-2 min.

why ?


It takes 1-2 minutes to program your 3pi? That is really slow. There is a setting on most AVR programmers for the speed at which they program. You should be able to program at a much faster speed, if you set the right parameter for your programmer. Here is a post on our forum where David explains AVR programming frequencies.

- Ryan

how can i change speed , is it related to fuse bits

i am using sinaprog,

suggest avrdude programmer that you know that will work with my USBasp programmer(hardware)

You should read the manuals for sinaprog and USBasp to find an option for controlling the programming speed, otherwise known as SCK duration or ISP Frequency. It’s not directly related to the fuse bits, it’s a hardware setting of your programmer, and your programming software should let you specify its value. The front page of the USBasp website says there is an “SCK option” for controlling the programming speed, so you should read the sinaprog manual and find out how to set that option. Once you do this, you should be able to program your 3pi in a matter of seconds. If you can’t get that to work, I recommend buying our USB AVR Programmer.