Can't Program with CMD

Hello everyone,

I have a slight problem and not too sure how to get past it. I have been looking around and cant find examples of the same problem.

I have followed the examples but then I get a Error 2 “The system cannot find the file specified.”:

Any Ideas?

Thanks for the help!

Hello. It looks like wixelconfig.exe is not found on your computer’s PATH. If you have not already, please install the Wixel Windows Drivers and Software, which can be found on the Resources tab of the Wixel product page. Also, please try restarting your computer. If this does not help, please run echo %PATH% and post the output of that command here so we can make sure that the Wixel programs are on your PATH.



Here is the echo.

I found by moving the folder with the wixelconfig.exe to another folder and adding it to my PATH settings it started working. Not too sure why it cant pick it up from the folder it was installed in?

Thanks it helped knowing what file it was looking for!

I am glad you were able to solve your problem, and thank you for letting us know. Since the Wixel’s bin folder is on your PATH, I am not sure why you were having trouble.