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Cant program arduino using Polulu USB AVR programmer v1.2

Hello, I bought polulu USB AVR programmer v1.2 and tryed to upload blink to arduino uno, but it write error:
avrdude: stk500v2_command(): command failed
avrdude: initialization failed, rc=-1
Double check connections and try again, or use -F to override
this check.

I tried different cables, power arduino directly from PC (without using VCC pin on programmer), another arduino, another Polulu programmer (I ordered 3 of them), but nothing works. I followed tutorials, but nothing helps. Where can be problem?
Thank you Klimš.

Hi, Klims.

From your screenshot it looks like programming is failing because the target voltage is dropping to 3.87V. Could you post pictures of your setup that show all connections?


Hello, now it works, I don’t know how, but yesterday I connected the programmer to the computer and it worked. Thank you.