Can't install driver on Windows 7 64 bit

Just bought your amazing a Micro Maestro 6-Channel, but can’t install driver on Windows 7 64 bit…

Screen shot attached.

UPD. Install driver on Window XP virtual machine (same physical computer with same cable, usb-port ets.) and Maestro starts to work.

Please update your driver to run on Windows 7 64 bit machine.

I’m running the same setup and it works for me.
The install zip has a maestro.exe and a setup.exe file.
I had a problems myself running the setup.exe on another machine. Run the maestro.exe
Others seem to behaving the same problem


I am sorry you are having trouble with your Maestro. It should work on Windows 7 64-bit, and we have tested the Maestro on that version of Windows many times. Could you try unplugging the Maestro from USB and plugging it back in, in case that helps? If it does not, please right-click on “Pololu Micro Maestro 6-Servo Controller”, select “Update Driver Software…” and then tell windows to look for drivers in the following directory:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Maestro\drivers

Hopefully that will work. Please let me know how it goes.


P.S. Some of those names are probably different on a Russian computer.

I am having the same problem. Have installed/uninstalled 6 times both as explained in the user guide and per the help here using the maestro.exe.

Either way I do not get a prompt to install drivers and when trying manually I get a message that the controller could not be installed.

Any further help would be greatly appreciated.

Hello. I am sorry you are having trouble with your Micro Maestro on Windows 7. To help us troubleshoot this, please double-click on “Pololu Micro Maestro 6-Servo Controller” in the Device Manager, go to the Details tab, and select “Hardware Ids”. Please post a screenshot showing those hardware IDs so we can make sure that they are correct.

Please note that we do not distribute a file named maestro.exe; you might have been thinking of Maestro.msi, which is part of the download we provide in the “Installing Windows Drivers and Software” section of the Maestro User’s Guide.


Thank you for the prompt reply.

Here are the files I have tried installing(circled)…Apologies for the .exe mixup
Also the hardware id you requested.

As a side note: that info does not change regardless of software installation or lack of. Am I correct in assuming that this information is in fact the data from the controller hardware itself and nothing to do with software?

Here are the pics.

Those hardware IDs (USB\VID_1FFB&PID_009F&MI_04 and USB\VID_1FFB&PID_009F&REV_0102&MI_04) are for a custom version of the Maestro. Can you confirm that you got it as part of some other product from a different company?


It came from a company that sells automated turret control software. I can operate it through that platform just fine but would like to be able to use it for other projects as well.

Maybe the solution is to buy a “regular” Micro Maestro from you and save the other for its intended purpose?

Probably. If you really want to wipe out the custom firmware and put on our normal firmware, you can, but you will not be able to put the custom firmware back on.