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Cant get Paper Backing on acrylic off

How are you guys getting the paper backing off the laser cut acrylic???

I’m cant seem to do it, Im soo ill equipped.

We recommend starting at a corner and peeling or rolling the paper back. As far as we know, there aren’t any great alternatives. It helps to not peel/roll too quickly, as it can increase the chances of the paper tearing. You can also try using a tube or rod to help roll the paper.

We can also offer to cut your future parts without masking on the top side to reduce the amount of masking you’d have to peel after receiving the parts. You’ll just need to mention this when submitting your quote request. Please note that this means the plastic will be exposed during the cutting process, and this can result in parts having burn or soot markings on them. Transparent acrylics might also turn cloudy near the edges when unmasked during cutting. The markings are typically worse on the bottom side of the material, which is why we recommend only unmasking the top side for cutting.

You can also request to have a sample part cut without masking and shipped with your next laser order. Again, you’ll just have to specify this when submitting your quote request.

Best of luck!

- Arthur