Can't connect Zumo32U4 via USB

I don’t know why my Zumo suddenly can’t connect to my laptop. Then I changed wires and ports and laptops still not working. According the user guide to set the The bootloader-before-uploading method, I can’t locate several files as described, such as “open the file [sketchbook location]/hardware/pololu/avr/boards.txt using a text editor.” I don’t even have those files under my arduino. So I want to ask how can I deal with that. I can upload code by pressing reset button but still can’t open serial monitor and plotter.


If you used the Arduino Boards Manager to install the A-Star boards, that path should be:


That is assuming you are using Windows and on the latest version of the board definitions. We will look at updating the instructions in the Zumo 32U4 user’s guide with the correct path for Boards Manager installations.

If you continue to have trouble reviving and connecting to your Zumo, can you post a screen shot of your Device Manager when you have it connected to your computer? Do you notice any changes in the Device Manager or from the Zumo’s LEDs when you connect your Zumo via USB?

- Patrick