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Can't compile wixel sdk using MinGW gcc

I tried to install SDCC but it would not install on Win 10 so I installed MinGW instead. After changing the CC makefile entry to gcc and adding C:\MinGW\bin to the path

I get the error:
gcc.exe: error: unrecognized command line option ‘–model-medium’

I see the MODEL macro in the makefile but am not sure what to change it to to get rid of error.


MinGW and SDCC target different architectures. MinGW targets Windows, so any program you compile with it is meant to be run on Windows and cannot be run on the Wixel. SDCC is a C compiler for microcontrollers such as the CC2511F32 on the Wixel.

What SDCC file did you download? (A link to the file would be helpful.) Can you post screenshots of the error messages that you get when attempting to run SDCC on your Windows 10 machine?

- Amanda

Amanda, thanks for the reply. After 4 tries installing the development bundle, I finally got it to work correctly. was downloading sdcc from sourceforge and apparently I got the wrong version. Using the version found in the dev bundle works fine

Great! Thanks for letting us know. I am glad you got it working.

- Amanda