Can't change output voltage with regulator S7V8A


I have a 3.9 voltage coming from a LiPo battery but I have only 0.89 V at the output. It doesn’t change when I turn the trim pot.

Is it possible that I have gone several turns too far with the trim pot or should I come back to correct values every turn if I go on turning in the same direction ?

Otherwise is my voltage regulator dead ? :cry:

This is strange: I disconnected the battery, reconnected it and then the regulator now outputs a suitable voltage. Does the regulator include a kind of “reset” ?


I am glad you were able to get the voltage regulator working again. It is possible that the wiper in the potentiometer might have been in a region where it wasn’t making contact and giving you an incorrect voltage. The regulator does not have a reset; however, it does have a shutdown feature. You might double check your connections and solder joints.