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Can't burn a bootloader with the Pololu Avr Programmer v.2.1

Hey guys recently I purchased (title) and this is my first AVR programmer. I bought some ATmega328P’s and 16MHz crystals and 22pf capacitors and 0.1UF capacitors as well. Iv’e hooked them up on the breadboard to test it but it wont work no matter what I do. Iv’e tried everything. Ive redid how the wiring is, iv’e added an external power source. I keep on getting this error.

This is how my wiring looks.

If someone could help me i’d be extremely greatful.


If you have not already, I suggest going through the troubleshooting steps in our the “Troubleshooting AVR programming issues” section of the user’s guide. Can you let us know if that reveals anything?

If you continue having trouble, can you post some pictures showing how you are connecting your ATmega328P to the programmer as well as screen shots of the programmer’s configuration utility after programming fails?

- Patrick