Cannot control servos using maestro 24 channel and hobby king HK15178 servo

Anyone have experience with the following.
When I connect up the servo power to the controller the servo immediately goes to the max position. This is without a control signal (following in another thread I tested the power straight into the servo and this appears to be the default servo behaviour - or a faulty servo but behaviour is same on all these servos so far tested)

When the controller is powered through usb and the servo channel is enabled I get the appropriate diode responses I.e. Green flickers indicating usb signalls to controller OK and yellow diode double flashes indicating servo channel enabled,

However using the control centre status sliders has no impact on the servo which remains in the max position.

This occurs on different channels and different servos ( though all HK15178)

Any thought on how I control these servos?


Could you tell me more about your tests? When you tested the servo were they tested individually (only one connected to the Maestro at a time)? Could you tell me exactly how you tested powering the servo directly? Could you also post some pictures showing how you have things connected?


Thanks grant
Issue occurs whether servo connected one at a time or at the same time, irrespective of channel used.
When powering the servo directly from power supply I connected ubec 6v directly to the servo +ve to +ve, and -ve to -ve control line not connected.
See pic below

Connecting the usb to power up the control centre and maestro controller & moving the control centre interface sliders has no effect. the servos remain in their max position.

Ive posted a video: iCloud Photo Sharing

Many thanks

At this point, it sounds like the issue might be with your servos. Do you have a servo that is a different model than those that you could use to test the Maestro? Alternatively, do you have another microcontroller or RC receiver you could use to test your servos?


Thanks I have some SG90s on order, so I’ll update once received

Finally identified problem as a faulty power supply, going through a ubec so voltage was correct but amps was too little and causing some strange servo behaviours

I am glad you found what the issue was. Thanks for letting us know.