Cannot connect 21V3 to configuration utility

I cannot fix the connection to be listed in the configuration tool.
Drivers are installed, but on bot laptops not working, after connection, the JRK is installed like this:
I am able to manually update firmware for COM ports, but not for the USB utility, that should have it’s own named JRK 21V3… group?

Thanks, Daan

Hello, Daan.

I suspect you might be getting the drivers and software for our original Jrk 21v3 and the Jrk G2 21v3 mixed up. Can you tell me how many Jrk controllers you have and what versions they are?

- Patrick

Hi Patrick,

You are totally right! This is my first JRK, but did not notice there was still a 21V3 version without G2…
Working perfect now, thanks!!!