Can you turn a continuous rotation servo when powered?

I was thinking about buying one of pololu’s continuous rotation servos but was wondering if a continuous rotation servo could hold its position and offer active resistance if you were to try to turn it, when powered. I know regular servos that have position control can do this because they are applying force to hold at a target position, so I assume that continuous rotation servos cannot do this because they only have speed/direction control and not position control, but can someone confirm this?

The reason I ask is because I am trying to use a continuous rotation servo to turn until a certain force is applied, and then hold at that force value which would be easy if I could tell the servo to stop turning so it would hold its position. I guess if this isn’t possible then the servo would have to turn, stop/reverse turn, stop/reverse etc. repeatedly at a really low speed to make sure the force value is as constant as possible.


That is right: a continuous rotation servo will not try to maintain its position and this does not change if there is resistance to its rotation. However, since a continuous rotation servo will generate some amount of torque as it tries to rotate at the speed it was commanded to spin at, you might be able to just find an appropriate speed to spin your servo at that produces enough torque to counteract the resistance to rotation in your application.


Okay I think I will try to just test for what that speed should be then, thanks.