Can you modify the D24V150F6 from 6v to 3.2v output?

I bought the D24V150F6 and badly need a 3.2v step down. I would like to modify the board to have an output 3.2v, i assume it is just like any typical buck/boost regulators where there is a voltage divider feedback that controls the voltage, Would that be possible?

I have read from a similar post that a voltage divider controls the output. What value should i change the resistor to? And in the case that i dont not have that resistance value what would be the target output voltage of the divider?

I will be using 5v input if that matters.

Thanks !

Through painstaking trial and error I managed to get 3.2 ish volts with replacing the resistor (the one with red circle in the linked post) to about 7.2k :sweat_smile:


I am glad to hear that you figured out a modification that works. Thanks for letting us know.

Also, for future reference, we do have a 3.3V version of that step-down regulator, the D24V150F3.

- Patrick