Can the D24V22F5 be used in Automotive?

Hi, First post,

Can this regulator be used in an automotive application without having any issues? I would use a 1000uF cap before the unit and a few diodes with a zener & chokes so as to prevent any problems under cranking/alternator noise. My only concern is if a load dump were to take place. Around 60v for 300ms or so just needs to be absorbed.

Its driving a small ARM mcu and TFT display, about 700mA~.



Hi, Ben.

It is not too clear to me whether the 60V for 300ms conditions you mentioned would be at the regulator, or if they would be mitigated by the protections you mentioned. The maximum input voltage for that regulator is only 36V, so if it were exposed to 60V for that long, I think it is very likely that it would be destroyed. If you are asking about whether the protections you are planning to implement might protect the regulator from an over voltage situation, it is really hard to know. That is something that you would probably have to test in your setup.

Also, it is not clear how critical your MCU and display will be to the function of the car, but please note that we do not recommend our products be used in applications where failure might lead to injury or property damage.


Hi Claire,

Its only for data logging & display, nothing critical in that regard. All the tests i’ve done say it’ll suffice with the additional protections i’ve implimented before the regulator. I was just more curious if it had been used previously for a similar purpose.