Can I use current sensor for the stepper motor?

I have already done few researches based on current sensing for stepper motor…

Think about the scenario

[power supply with 24V] -----------{here I may use current sensor to monitor the current of the motor}-----[Motor]

My question is,

Can we use any current sensor to monitor the stepper motor’s current ? if yes, please suggest me some way and methods and also suggest me some good suitable sensor.

Already, some people said we cant use current sensor module for stepper motor, so I am totally confused now. Please help!

You can monitor the current from the power supply.

If you are using a switching motor driver, the driver controls the current through the motor windings, and it changes very rapidly.


It is not clear whether you are trying to limit the current to your stepper motors or just monitor it. Could you explain why you want to monitor the current? What are you using to drive the stepper motors?


Sorry for the late reply (as a weekend, I was out of my workplace).

Thanks for the comment.

I don’t want to control the current, as I said. I only want to know the current the motor is consumed. I already know what is the current going in to the stepper motor from the power supply. I need to know the suitable current sensor module to monitor the current of the motor.

Measure the voltage across a small resistor in series with a motor lead.

Many motor drivers have built in current sensors.

We also sell current sensors that might be an alternative to the current sensing resistor that Jim mentions.