Can i use 24V as logic high with VNH3SP30

On the datasheet for the VNH3SP30 there is a logic high minimum, but no maximum. The majority of my circuitry is running at 24V (using a PLC), so it would be easy for me to send 24V as my high signal. Can i do this without frying the chip or do I need to supply a 5V signal? Will I need to do anything differently (say, supply 24V at V_in) to make this work?

Also, what is the difference between In_A and In_B versus EN_A and EN_B?

Thank you in advance for the help!!


You should probably not exceed the input clamp voltage rating on the logic input pins. According to the datasheet, the input clamp voltage is between 6 and 8V, so I do not recommend applying more than 6V for your logic HIGH.

I am not sure what you are getting at by asking the differences between the IN and EN pins, but a description of the function of those pins can be found in the VNH3SP30 datasheet. If you let me know how you want to control those pins, I could tell you whether it sounds appropriate.

- Jeremy