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Can I purchase a gearbox for a 37D motor?

I recently bought 4 37D motors (over the Labor Day Sale, sweet deal), but I didn’t do my homework well enough and they turn too slowly. I’ve opened two motors so I can’t return them. I’m wondering if it is possible to simply purchase and install a gearbox with a lower gear ratio for these motors? I need to know pretty quickly because I’ll need to return the other two motors later this week if I can’t swing that. Maybe the possibility of sending all 4 motors back to have a different gear box installed if that can’t be done in a basic workshop?


Of course the other obvious solution would be to get bigger tires!

Hello, Matt.

We do not sell those gearboxes separately. If you have motors with encoders, you might consider getting a version that does not have them and swapping the gearboxes since that would be slightly more economical.


So it is possible to swap gearmotors on the same 37D motors? I may take advantage of that since I seem to be building a small array of parts. By “possible” I mean with basic tools on my workbench. I’m worried that I’m going to unscrew the gearbox and springs and gears are going to be falling out all over the place. And I guess I meant to say “bigger wheels” in my previous post. My first calculations were done with about 4 cm wheels, but if I get 6" wheels I could increase the speed to about what I need. I kinda hate to return the two wheels since I got a good deal on them and it would cost about $10 to return $37 worth of wheels.

Thanks - let me know if I can pretty much just screw off the gearbox and replace it without much hassle, as long as I have a similar gearbox with a different gear ratio.

Oh - PS - I did buy motors without the encoders the first go round.
I’m just building a sumo bot, nothing that I need to have that accurate.

Those gearboxes are held on with two screws. Two other screws hold the gearbox together, so as long as you do not remove those, you should be fine swapping gearboxes between motors.