Can I extend the spline drive shaft on gearmotor?

The 120:1 Mini Plastic Gearmotor 90-Degree 2mm Spline Output ( motor is just about perfect for my application. It would be ever so slightly more perfect if the drive shaft extended out both sides of the motor (not just one side).

Is it feasible to replace the drive shaft with a longer one, so that it extends out both sides? (Assume I have access to an arbor press.) If so, can someone tell me a source (and perhaps part number) for the same 2mm spline shafts that Pololu uses?

Thanks in advance.


Unfortunately, we do not have a source or part number for those splines (we get that motor directly from China). If you are looking to use these motors in a high-volume application, we might be able to get a customized version for you. Please email us for a quote if this is the case.

- Ben


Thanks for the prompt reply. I’ll just go ahead and buy the motor and then see if I can find a 2mm shaft that can be “persuaded” to fit. (Did I mention I have an arbor press? :wink:)