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Can I download the Demo program that comes with the 32U4Zumo robot

Can I download the Demo program that comes with the 32U4Zumo robot? As soon as you write some other code to it, you of course lose it!! and it’s a good demo to quickly show people what the Zumo32U4OLED can do!

This is the 3rd Zumo I have built over a few years… along with other bits, etc.



The demo that comes preloaded on the assembled Zumo 32U4 robots is available as an example in the Zumo32U4 Arduino library. It sounds like you are using the OLED version, so you should be looking at the one named DemoForOLEDVersion.


Thanks Brendon,
But that is the individual demo’s already been there! they are not linked together with the button / OLED display menu. You can only load and run them as single programs.



While the Arduino library has individual examples like you are referring to, the DemoForOLEDVersion program I linked to in my previous post is the one that is pre-loaded on the Zumo robots, and it uses the OLED and buttons to cycle through various demos like you described.


Hi Brendon,
Again thanks for getting back to me. I am sorry I was just looking at the wrong file, just couldn’t see the wood for the trees. But has you have seen my new post I have another problem. Did a clean install of Windows 10 this morning and I am busy trying to get it all together again, so I will get back to you later, I seem to think it’s a Windows problem and perhaps not the IDE or Zumo’s