Can I add a external sensor to 3pi?

Hello everyone!
I’m managing to take my students to compete in the Federal Institute of Science and Technology Robotics Competition and the local rules define special marks on the side of the main line to determine the auto-stop area.
So, can I use a new external line sensor breakout to the 3pi, like the Pololu QTR-1A/QTR-1RC (or in this case Sparkfun QRE1113 because I can’t find the Pololu here in Brazil)?


I do not see any reason you should not be able to add a sensor like that. You can see which pins are available to add a sensor in the “Available I/O on the 3pi’s ATmegaxx8” section of the “Pololu 3pi Robot User’s Guide”.


Thanks a lot! I don`t have a 3pi yet, now I know that will be a good acquisition to the team.