Can an Atmel AVRISP mk2 be used on 3pi?

I picked up a 3pi robot, Jerry was able to flash it with his Pololu USB programmer just fine. I’ve got a Atmel AVR ISP mk 2 already though so I’m trying to use that; I used to program a baby Orangutan with it. When I try to program my 3pi however I get an error:
ISP frequency must be 5 kHz or above when programming EEPROM or FLASH!

Is there something that I have to tweak to use this? Or do I have to buy the Pololu usb board?


You can absolutely use an AVRISP mk2 to program your 3pi (it’s all I’ve ever used to program mine). From a programming point of view, the 3pi is just a breakout board for an ATMega168 MCU.

Do you know the ISP frequency setting of your programmer? Depending on your version of AVR Studio, you would check this by going to the programmer window and selecting either the “board” tab (in Version 4.13 or earlier) or by going to the “main” tab and click the ‘Settings’ button under “Programming Mode and Target Settings” (in Version 4.14). To program your 3pi you should have a frequency setting above 5kHz, but below 5MHz (1/4 the 3pi’s clock speed). One note, you have to click “write” after selecting another frequency from the menu to set that frequency on your programmer.

This might not be the actual problem at all though, AVR Studio frequently gives overly specific error messages that don’t describe the real problem.

Any luck?


I was able to program using a 500Khz setting, thanks!