Can a wixel be used as a hid such as a keyboard or mouse?

Can a wixel be used as a hid such as a keyboard or mouse via USB? If so, how?
They seem like very handy boards. I was going to buy a teensy for a hid project i’m working on, but using 2 wixels as a wireless reciever and a transmitter would be much cooler.

Yes! The Wixel’s microcontroller, the CC2511F32, has a general-purpose USB module so it can be programmed to emulate virtually any type of USB device. There is example code from Texas Instruments that makes the CC2511 emulate a keyboard and a mouse at the same time. We have started working on our own HID library for the Wixel SDK. I think it is quite likely for that library to be finished in a few weeks (but no guarantee).


Very cool. I can’t wait. The idea is to build what i’m calling a “Baby INterface Device” which is basically a large button for my 7 month old to play with. Making it wireless would definately be beneficial over a usb cable for him to chew on. The device would emulate a spacebar key down event to interact with sites like fisherprice’s baby games and
I’m pretty new to electronics but it seems like Pololu offers some really great products and i’m excited to make a few purchases from your store this summer.


We have made an HID library for the Wixel, and two apps that use it.

Here is a wireless tilt mouse app:

Also, there is a test_hid app which moves the mouse cursor and can type sequences of the letters when a button is pushed.

The source code of both apps is in the Wixel SDK.

Documentation for the HID library is available here, along with the docs for the other libraries:

Let us know if you need help!